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    Dharithree – a school near Bangalore, India – provides tailored education and rehabilitation to underprivileged kids with mental and physical disabilities. Two Cents of Hope is working closely with Dharithree and sponsoring the education of a few of their students.


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    A letter of appreciation from the Executive Director of Gram Vikas.

    This is to inform you that to commemorate the donation made by Two Cents of Hope towards providing drinking water to children at Gram Vikas Residential School, we have made a plaque with stone etching on the wall of the main building at the entrance of the school.

    Your aid has touched the lives of 550 students out of which close to 190 are girls. These students come from various tribes of Odisha and stay at the Gram Vikas Residential School in Kankia. With our efforts to give quality education, we also strive to keep the living conditions at the school better than the average home of a tribal students. This ensures that students and parents both wish their kids to continue studying at our schools and avail the comforts which are not possible at home. With donation like yours, we have been very successful in this endeavour.

    Since the summer has already started in India, your donations have really made a big difference in the lives of these kids. Though the kids had access to safe drinking water, it used to be very limited in the months of May and June. But today because of the additional water source and pump-set and other plumbing and fitting materials that have been soured from your contribution, the students get adequate water for all their needs. This would not have been possible without the assistance of organizations like yours.

    On behald of the studens and my staff at Gram Vikas, I would like to thank Two Cents of Hope for the generous contribuition. With heartfelt gratitude,

    Joe Madiath
    Executive Director
    Gram Vikas


  • Nirmaan

    TCH and the Nirmaan Organization have worked together since 2007 to realize our mission. Here are a few words, from our partner, about the work we’ve done together.


    The Nirmaan Organization and Two Cents of Hope have collaborated to work towards their common goal of bringing the light of education to the underprivileged.

    The projects we have identified are the “School Adoption Project” and the “Scholarship Project”. TCH has supported three schools as part of the School Adoption program. In addition, eleven meritorious but financially backward students have received scholarships from TCH as part of the Scholarship Project in collaboration with Nirmaan.

    This partnership has benefited schools in terms of educational as well as infrastructural facilities. The Nirmaan Organization has selected two “Government higher primary schools” in Bangalore that are lacking educational facilities such as a library, laboratory equipment and teaching aids. The schools have received computers from another organization; the lack of a computer teacher, however, renders the computers unusable. These issues have been addressed by our partnership with TCH and this has resulted in an increased interest among the children to learn better.

    The Nirmaan Scholarship Program was designed to provide financial assistance and guidance to meritorious but financially distressed students. This program was initiated with the help of TCH and eleven such students have been assisted over the course of the past two years in completing their professional degrees.

    Another step in which TCH has come forward is in providing sanitation and drinking water facilities in rural schools. As part of this project, the Nirmaan Organization ahs successfully executed and completed the construction of these facilities at Govt. Panchayat Union Primary School, Kelvarapalli village, near Hosur in Tamil Nadu. The total funds required for the project amounted to INR 110,000.

    This collaboration has benefited many students and helped us move closer towards achieving our goal of an illiteracy-free country.

    – Varun Damerla, Nirmaan Coordinator