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  • Application

    A student can apply for the Two Cents of Hope scholarship by filling out the Scholarship Application form which is available below.

    Application Process

    1. Send a completed copy of the application to Two Cents of Hope co-ordinator in India or to the projects coordinator in USA
    2. Once the project is approved, Two Cents of Hope will appoint a member each from the Indian Chapter and USA Chapter to coordinate with the project until its fulfillment. The beneficiary shall then be notified about the scholarship approval, and suitable financial arrangements will be made through the coordinators.
    3. The coordinators will also be the contact persons for the beneficiary through the duration of the project.
    4. Initial financial assistance is always for a period of 1 year. Subsequent funding is based on the student’s academic performance and available funds with Two Cents of Hope.
    Eligible Institutions and Courses

    The beneficiary should be enrolled in a Government or a Government approved institution. [Vocational and correspondence courses are not eligible.] Two Cents of Hope considers scholarship applications for all levels of education including:

    • Primary, Middle and High schools.
    • Pre-University and Intermediate College.
    • Professional degree courses at Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral and Post Doctoral levels.
    • Diploma courses in Engineering, Medicine, Health Sciences and other fields.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The scholarship will be awarded to meritorious and deserving, under-privileged students.The past and present academic performances of the student will be an important factor for consideration towards the Scholarship.The financial background of the student, which includes the annual family income of the Parents/Guardian of the student, is also an assessing factor.Two Cents of Hope will approve scholarships on an individual case-by-case basis. Scholarships for future academic periods will depend upon the progress of the student, which will be regularly monitored by the assigned coordinators for the project.

    Apply Online

    Project Initiation

    1. Any person within or outside the organization shall be allowed to initiate a project which conforms to its mission statement. If feasible, a member of the organization should be involved in the project proposal creation and the completion of the required documentation for successful appeal of the proposal and for proper conformance with the application checklist.
    2. The project could be initiated within or outside India.
    3. On successful completion of the above requirements, the application packet should be sent to the address specified on the website. It can be sent to a chapter coordinator or to the project coordinator
    4. The corresponding chapter should convert the documentation to a form (scan/email) that allows for voting by members with voting privileges.

    Project Approval

    1. The approval of the project at the organizational level is contingent upon a two-thirds majority vote from members of the executive board and chapter representatives with voting privileges.
    2. Upon approval of a project, a chapter can independently work towards its execution. If the chapter lacks the financial ability to support the project, the coordinator can appeal to the executive committee and other chapters to collaborate.
    3. If the project is approved at the chapter level, the chapter shall determine if it would be able to fund project in its entirety or provide a partial funding for the same.
    4. Irrespective of the chapter level decision mentioned above, the funding of the project by a chapter shall be contingent upon its approval at the organizational level.

    Project Mechanics

    1. Once the project is approved, TCH shall appoint a member in the local chapter and a member in an international chapter as  project representatives, for co-ordinating on all aspects of project execution.
    2. Each chapter shall be consulted to determine their feasible financial contributions towards the project in question. Upon accumulation of the funds for the project, a monetary pipeline from outside the chapter to the corresponding chapter local to the project shall be setup.
    3. The funds for the projects are usually raised by means of events organized by TCH. Alternatively, if approved, the funds can also be taken from the common TCH fund pool.
    4. The amount generated towards the project shall then be handed over to the corresponding representative for the project, who shall ensure that the money collected reaches the beneficiary. Sufficient time shall be provided between the initial proposal of the project and its approval and execution. Ideally, this time shall be limited to a period of 3-4 weeks.
    5. The representative shall also be the contact person for the beneficiary through the duration of the project. Initial financial assistance shall only be for a period of 1 year. 

    Project Progress Evaluation

    1. The progress of the project is evaluated on a annual basis. This feedback forms a very important factor in determining the continuation of funding.
    2. The local chapter representative (and the coordinator) for the project shall be responsible for furnishing periodic progress reports of the beneficiary and other related academic details. This evaluation plays a key role in renewal of project funding.